PEnSy offers the following products:

  • Architectural systems aimed at energy saving.
  • Projects of architectural systems in new buildings, in buildings located in city centers, industrial buildings and so on. The aim is to reduce green-house gases and save energy.
  • Projects of small constructions “off the grid” and completely self-sufficient. They can be located in parks as kiosks, stands, bathing establishments, campsites.
  • Projects of complementary elements with energy-saving devices (solar collectors and photovoltaic systems) which can be installed in existing buildings or new ones.
  • Feasibility studies and projects on landscapes interventions, whose aim is the generation of renewable energy.
  • Assessment studies on environmental impact gauging  the effects of solutions to sustainability problems related to energy.
  • Assessment of possible solutions to reduce costs and harmful emissions. Cost-benefit analysis.
  • Consultancy services and technical assistance to public bodies and private individuals in order to research, plan and choose energy-saving solutions.


Sustainable development is about exploiting on-site  natural resources and enabling the creation of new economic activities and jobs with “zero impact” and in harmony with nature.

Undoubtedly, the public administration is interested in renewables and energy saving. However, the respect of the “Stability and Growth Pact (SGP)” and the lack of financial resources impose to find alternatives to financial solutions from third parties, i.e. the use of equity capital to reach those objectives.

Given the situation, PEnSy srl is able to provide  public bodies with innovative solutions to give concrete response to their needs, without using equity capital or bank debts.

Furthermore, those kind of projects could be a source of profits for public bodies if the former is planned properly.

Our services are tailored to public bodies’ needs and include also the following:

  • TENDERS FOR PHOTOVOLTAIC INSTALLATIONS : public bodies which have surfaces apt for photovoltaic facilities can sell the superficiary ownership to get annual fees or directly benefit from the economic advantages owing to the generation and sale of electric energy.

PEnSy srl has all the competencies to assess possible interventions, realise feasibility studies and technical reports, which are instruments to facilitate decision-making.