PEnSy (Pro_Energy_Systems srl) is an R&D firm whose aim is serving both companies and private individuals in order to provide our expertise for complete architectural projects or some parts of them. Projects are focused on energy saving and solar energy systems (thermal and/or photovoltaic).

PEnSy’s activities can be focused on all project steps, from the assessment of the context to the project development, choice of technologies and innovative materials, economic control as well as turn-key projects.  PEnSy was established thanks to the expertise in research and academic activities carried out at the Faculty of Architecture and at the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies at the University of Camerino on fields such as energy saving, sustainable engineering and architectural integration of solar energy systems in buildings.

The idea is based on the experience, gathered at academic level and by doing research, that architectural engineering focused on energy saving can be made available for those who want to invest in quality and reduction of energy costs. All this can be useful for both private and public customers, especially for public housing where energy costs have a great impact.

Our team is interdisciplinary and made of professors, PhDs, PhD students, engineers and fresh graduated students from the Faculty of Architecture as well as from the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies at the University of Camerino.

In particular, PEnSy’s staff include specialists in fields such as engineering physics, sustainable architecture and business management.