Panel PEnSy_FV1

Type of panel

The panel PEnSy_FV1 is a module which can be dry-assembled and its dimensions are not cumbersome.

This guarantees a high-performance envelope from an energy as well as architectural point of view: thanks to its multipurpose concept, it meets every need.

In addition to meet the legal requirements and achieve high-performances concerning the façade which is based on modularity, the building has an aesthetic and emotional value, which is part of a high-quality housing .


The panel PEnSy_FV1 is a module which can be dry-assembled and constitutes the basic unit to make curtain walls.

The panel PEnSy_FV1 could be used for new premises as well requalification processes or energy retrofitting of old buildings which are very energy-consuming (industrial buildings, offices, schools, etc)

The façade made of modules is based on a independent supporting structure on metal pillars which are interconnected by horizontal units (transoms). They are reinforced with the building frame on the horizontal structures (floors).

The façade panel PEnSy_FV1 has the following features:

• Modularity

• Easy to install

• The façade is complete both internally and externally and finishes can be customized.

• Architectural and environmental integration

• Generation of energy thanks to the photovoltaic string

• Energy saving (insulation and thermal inertia)

• Acoustic insulation

Thanks to the innovative design characteristics which have been developed to achieve a high architectural integration, the panel PEnSy_FV1 can benefit of the Quarto Conto Energia (feed-in tariff) for photovoltaic systems aimed at the generation of electricity.

In order to support the development of this innovative panel, the Marche region has granted PEnSy srl a loan (financial intervention to sustain the creation and development of innovative firms as per POR MARCHE FESR 2007/2013, INTERVENTO