Solutions and Materials

PEnSy offers high-tech solutions by doing a continuous and thorough research on the markets in order to find the most innovative materials and high-quality solutions.

Our strength point is part of our knowledge on innovative materials, whereby we can make projects eco-friendly as well as cutting edge project by employing a wide range of solutions both on a small scale (single components) and large scale (premises, housing complexes, prefabricated buildings).

Lastly, PEnSy is also able to provide functional tests on materials and components aimed at the energy saving, such as cells and photovoltaic modules.

  - Photovoltaic cells and modules with a high energy conversion efficiency:

  • thin-film cells
  • concentrating PV systems
  • polymer cells

  - Nanostructured materials.

  - Multifunctional materials (titanium dioxide).

  - EMI shielding materials.

  - Damping materials.

  - Vegetable materials.

  - Materials for energy efficiency.